Where a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Historical Realism
Kutscher Fine Art - Gary Kutscher
Historical Realism/Visual Biography 

An unknowing viewer may be drawn in to the classically rendered still life and slowly discover a link to the items. Some may be obvious, others not so clearly seen or easily distinguished.

Who is the painting about?

I build my composition after extensive research using historical documents, books and other items relating to the person or event.

Using a centuries old technique called "technique mixte", I begin working out the composition from life and complete a very detailed drawing on a prepared canvas. I then slowly build up the painting in earthtone values, finally completing the painting after multiple glazes of color. This painting process allows the glazes to work in unison and gives the feeling that it is lit from within and is thought to have been used by Renaissance master, Jan Van Eyck.


"Memories of Dutch", "September 22, 1862 - The Will of God Prevails", It All Started With a Mouse",  and "America's Lion - TR" are now available as limited edition signed and numbered giclees on canvas.
I have a couple projects currently in progress and will publish to the website when possible.

Gary Kutscher - Huntington Beach, California - 714-330-8048